An up-gradation in IRCTC’s e-ticketing website by Piyush Goyal:

Piyush Goyal, our union Rail Minister, has recently announced something important on last week’s Friday that the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) e-ticketing website will now have all the ease and the features of booking by the passengers. It is working tirelessly to maximize and enhance user personalization by facilitating the e-ticketing website with other features and simple design. The Union Minister of Railways industry and Commerce have further upgraded this work for the e-ticketing system.

IRCTC ticketing website now has provided people with the facility of online passenger reservation that is going to prove highly feasible for the lives of passengers who travel a lot around the year. A new emphasis is being given on improvising the public domain experience in booking tickets and travelling. Piyush has felt that this website is the primary contact point of travelling citizens using railways. The new digital India have people who are keener towards travelling for work or leisure and so for them the online ticketing services are of utmost help. Rather than hovering around reservation counters, they can now book tickets as per their choice from their mobile or laptop just by a simple click.

IRCTC is constantly working and upgrading its website for more offers, features and options for better travelling.  It is also acting doubtlessly to maintain its standard of up-gradation for making ticket booking much convenient for passengers. The website now has some advanced features with a simple outlook as not to complicate the booking process but make it much easier for a simpler booking. This online arm of online e=ticketing and reservation for passengers is going to give a new look to the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. Let us have a look at the two most newly introduced features of this system:

DISHA Chatbot- an Artificial Intelligence (AI) called ‘Ask Disha’ is going to address queries of passengers round the clock and this introduction to the IRCTC website and mobile app is completely splendid. This feature enables travellers from any corner of the country to register and solve their query regarding their journey such as catering, ticket cancellation, ticket booking, re- cancellation, etc. These are answered in a less period and very efficiently to satisfy passenger doubts regularly.

Book now pay later- a newly introduced postpaid payment system under IRCTC under the name of ‘ boon now pay later’ will henceforth allow travellers to pay their amount of ticket at a later stage that is booked on the official website. This facility is better termed as ‘pay later’ as well as ‘pay-on-delivery-‘for both tatkal and reserved tickets. Now people from any Indian state can book tickers and make e-payments within 15 days or on delivery of their tickers within a day.

Since 2014 public transportation mainly the railway sector has undergone money significant changes and special emphasis is being given on enhancing public experience. The officials of Railway Board, Centre for Railway Information systems (CRIS) and IRCTC has assured the ministers that every possible attempt will be made to improvise the railway division and their functioning along with necessary changes to their official website.

During this pandemic, this e-ticketing system will be further proven beneficial as it people will not have the hassle to book ticket or reserve by standing in a queue and coming I close contact with an unknown crowd. So now many more passengers will board railway services for the third easy booking system in a safe way by sitting back at their homes.  These new features will now provide better reliability for online passenger reservation. Piyush Goyal has announced every bit of this new addition to the IRCTC website in a conference in New Delhi. Thus, Indian Railways now emerge s a potent means of transportation keeping the keeping from the burden of this pandemic stress and time issues.

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