How 2021 can be the year of innovation, recovery, and renewal?

We all know that this upcoming New Year isn’t going to be like any other year in history. People may welcome it as a next step after the post-pandemic stress and as a new beginning in the hope of returning to normal life after the deadly sufferance of Covid-19. Mankiran Chowhan, the MD of Indian Subcontinent, SAP Concur, an invoice and travel management solutions provider, said that 2021 is the era of the post-pandemic situation of the modern age.

There may be newer chances of sustainability with the emergence of new business travel features. Chowhan also added that the travel providers such as rail providers, hotels, car rentals, airlines, ridesharing, and many more will need any sport of travellers to disclose their Covid-19 health status until the world experiences any vaccine adoption for eradicating this deadly virus out of mankind. Every company whether from a private sector or on a governmental basis must find better ways of employee management. They must be given support in relaxation while travelling. Meeting employer’s needs must be adapted by company heads for more flexible operations of an organization and companies will have to fully undertake digitalization with automated manual financing processes to remove any employees from doing any menial jobs.

The new year must usher new technologies, thoughts and desires of making betterment in the fields of strategic performance and solving to-do priorities list than to waste time on other do’s and don’ts. Since the invention of vaccine is not soon so there will be some economic pressure in small businesses and many mid-sized companies will have to fight on some affected grounds of this pandemic. With this, it is also certain that many new businesses, many small scale industries and newly beginning entrepreneurial sectors have permanently shut down with no hope of future emergence.

However, there have been some new prospects that have opened up in the commercial sectors and filled many gaps giving a new context to the scenario of the marketplace, with booming opportunities of new businesses. Small business with low funding is more likely to embrace this digitalization and e=commerce starting from the point of sale to moving to new platforms of online sale. This will bring down a new and modernized concept within the hearts of millions to ‘shop locally’ and further aid to small businesses and fill smaller gas in crucial supply chains.

After a messed up the year 2020, 2021 will have businesses from all classes’ sustaining and resetting their growth from scratch. This will be a year full of innovation, renewal and recovery of different zones from varies angles. There will be stringent restrictions in various places. The effect of the virus is still on the lease and since we don’t know the exact date as to when this earth will be free of the thought of Coronavirus so all of us need to fight and struggle with it. People will digitally welcome newer challenges and faces of this post-Covid world. We don’t know about any normality yet as the innovation of a proper vaccine is still a question.

Most organizations have accelerated their digital transformation plans and looking for optimistic opportunity and growth for the long term. Some mainstream business will require change and due to shortfall of revenues in many sectors, businessmen should focus more on developing technologies to bridge this gap solution must be found out for a completely new way of sustainable working. Helping customers around with cloud migration and adoption of 5G will be a much wider concept to embrace and let it flow. Along with network security, a special focus must be given to IoT proliferation, agility and thorough visibility on IT infrastructure. There will also be some growth opportunities in vertical sectors and skills will be developed to undertake the best customer solutions.

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