10 most successful social entrepreneurs :

social entrepreneurs

A new business model has emerged that is a perfect blend between government and social organizations based on business terms. A nonprofit business model can also form a hybrid business model with successful companies, driven by a chain of emerging social entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs tackle social as well as generate profit for shareholders. Let us look into a few of them:

Shiza Shahid:

Being the ambassador along with the global founder of Malala Fund Shahid manages business operations for Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2014. Inspired by Malala’s ambition to continue campaigning for gender equality and education, Shiza wanted to pursue her dream. Today the Malala Fund empowers women and girls with the advocating and spread of proper education to distant and remote places around the globe.

Bill Drayton:

He is one of the pioneering social entrepreneurs of any age in this modern era. He founded Ashoka: innovators for the Public in 1981. This is a multifaceted approach for providing support and finding social media entrepreneurs from around the world. Drayton also serves as the Board Chairperson for ‘Get America Working’ and ‘Youth Venture’.

Rachel Brathen:

His best- selling book published in New York Times “Yoga Girl” is world-famous. Her Instagram account secures 2.1 million followers. She is famous to showcase to her audience’s fresh yoga poses with tips. She also connects with several yoga trainers and teachers worldwide. She helps people join an online community who need healing. Her social media look is a social media mission and her online channel is an “online studio” that offers yoga, health benefits and meditation services.

Blake Mycoskie:

He is the chief shoe giver and founder of TOMS Shoes, investing $3000, 000 of his own money in that company. He has pledged to donate a pair of shoes forever pair of shoe sold, as a better marketing strategy for mankind. He calls this “One- For- One” campaign to support water, birth, sight and anti-bullying initiatives.  Through his shoe brand, he raises awareness about global issues such as poverty and health. Till 2019, his company has provided developing countries with 95 million pairs of shoes and more than 722,000 weeks of safe water.

Muhammad Yunus:

He is a professor by profession and is renowned for the popularization of Microfinance and microcredit that serve as the main cornerstones for “Grameen Bank”‘ founded in 1983. He was awarded Nobel Prize in 2006 for creating this bank based on the principles of trust and solidarity for village empowerment with funding necessary needs. As of February 2020, the Grameen Bank has 97% of its 9.31 million borrowers as women who pay loans back at the rate of 98% that shows recovery more than any other banking system based on a traditional basis.

Jeffrey Hollender:

Well known to the world as the former chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Seventh Generation, a renowned business of natural products. Now he is a consultant, speaker and activist for corporate social responsibility. He is also the co-founder of and CEO of Hollender Sustainable Brands that sell sustainable products for sexual and personal health such as tampons, condoms, lubricants, etc.  He is also the chairperson of the American Sustainable Business Council along with being a co-founder of it.

Scott Harrison:

Leaving a life full of luxury in New York, he headed for the shores of West Africa to volunteer with a hospital ship charity named Mercy Ships. In 2006, he founded Charity Water, a non-profit organization that provides safe drinking water in 28 countries around the globe and as of 2020 he has completed 51,438 projects in developing countries.

Mark Koska:

He is known to the world for re-designing medical tools and introducing a non-reusable and inexpensive syringe that can be used in under-funded healthcare clinics. This invention of his safeguards transmission of deadly blood-borne viruses. In 2006, he founded the Safe Point Trust and delivered 4 billion safe injections to 40 countries through his “auto-disable” syringes. He has been cited in 2015 by the Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs of the Year for his pioneer solutions to a global world health issue.

Sanjit Roy:

Having a privileged upbringing in India, Sanjit “Bunker” Roy visited some of our country’s rural villages where he experienced a life-changing event that completely altered his thoughts and visions and thus he decided to find a way for the betterment of the socio-economic inequalities in our country. In 1972, he found Barefoot College which was a solar-powered college for the poor. It is probably the only college where the teacher is the learner and the learner is the teacher.

Xavier Helgesen, Christopher Fuchs and Jeff Kurtzman:

These three are co-founders of Better World Books- a B-corp online bookstore which provides finance for global literacy. These three persons met at Notre Dame University where they started collecting unwanted books to sell on the Internet. Helgesen is known to be the CEO and co-founder of Off-Grid Electric. This helps people and provides renewable energy to homes in the “: off-grid-world”. Kurtz also founded the non-profit Operation Incubation that delivers low-cost and low maintenance incubators to developing countries.

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