The tech e-commerce giants-Amazon, Facebook, Google; do they have the Question of Trust:


It’s the eve of Christmas around and the season of Secret Santa. So, every person is curious about their last-minute Christmas shopping or for the upcoming new year. Amazon is one of the best options for online shopping on e-commerce in the world outside of China. People can get almost whatever they want, even with options of overnight delivery and unbelievable prices. Furthermore, the app on a tiny mobile screen gives a pleasing experience with a wide number of choices and quality assured products. To the customer’s delight, there are also an easy return and refund policy. So now, the question comes what may go incorrect.

Even in this tough situation with anti-trust regulators around the corner, Amazon is working as a big tech giant. The European Commission has given a cost sheet as per which Amazon is believed to use its dominance to harm smaller companies. To defeat its opponents, it makes use of large quantities of knowledge issued from its platform-based transactions. Amazon’s algorithms are unfairly placed in different phrases, showing that the distributors of a certain product on Prime is giving an unfair benefit. This has been going for a long time and is the main reason for conflict between Amazon and its regulators. Many a time Amazon has wiped out its competitors by promoting merchandise at the private level from well-known manufacturers.

Amazon does not have core knowledge on a purchaser’s preferences and behaviors that it can use towards the retailers who can promote it but it can act as a gatekeeper making a selection on who can and cannot emphasize on their wears on Amazon, clearly highlighting monopolistic energy. Not only Amazon but additionally, Facebook, Google, and Apple are under scrutiny but by the European competitors’ regulator. They act as a marketplace with their non-transparent guidelines about who can and cannot enter the market industry. This has constantly abused a lot of potential energy for around 10 million distributors. Personally, it is been investigated by a US anti-trust watchdog.

Recently, Facebook and Google are under the pressure from certain cases filed against them in at least 10 important marketing states across the world. There have been clear protests regarding the collusive and anti-aggressive practices for these online sites for their cost of promoting. Google is known to instruct around two-thirds of the world’s revenues from making promotions. There is little or no regulation on any kind of public content material broadcasted as an event like the Facebook Live or the Twitter posts. This is a clear contrast to the patent and typical broadcasters who are licensed. Facebook has earned much acquisition from common people of misusing regular content material including infringement on free speech, showing unfair means on elections, facilitating cozy behavior with governments, etc. This spread of the electoral outlook by Facebook and other social media must not be a topic to identically scrutiny and highlight by their typical teams.

China is too coming down on its big web corporations like Tencent and Alibaba. Around November 2020, the Chinese authorities have curbed down the greatest stock providing of Ant Financial, the world’s biggest non-bank finance arm of Alibaba. The IPO on which over $3 trillion of world shoppers were dependent has now been postponed for an indefinite time. Google and Amazon have been caught up in making scam on several events as per India’s Competition Commission. Thus, it is clear evidence that the approaching 2021 will pose a bigger threat and pressure on the social media giants of e-commerce platforms. The muscle mass will show their biased attitude as per their choice of regulators and many a man will bring down the hold of monopolistic powers. There will be steep penalties set or worse fine structures made for these too big corporations so that they must not interrupt the smaller entities of the market.

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