Gym vs. DIY videos: fitness solution providers vie for customer loyalty:

Gym vs. DIY videos

With the prevailing situation around, people have become more conscious about their health and fitness. This lockdown has made fitness everyone’s priorities. The only thing to keep them fit is physical training and exercise. For a workout, they need to visit a gym, which is still a concern owing to the pandemic around where social distancing is a must.

So basically physical activities have been hindered offline but then again the online practicing is taking place. They are gaining much popularity. This system of remote fitness through online mode has gained around a lot in 2020. The two New Year resolutions are “lose weight” and “exercise more”

Although people are confined to their home for good fitness is utmost important as we know the more we stay back at home, the more lethargic we become. People are however showing quiet reluctance to step into indoor community spaces like gymnasiums or swimming pools. Hence, keeping everything in mind switching to DIY (Do It Yourself) videos is the best option to encourage fitness while at home over the gym. Let us know why:

DIY costs less money:

Often DIY makes us understand that the things we do at a gym or any other healthcare or fitness center cost huge money whereas if we try them at home, it will both save time and money. It will effectively reduce the panic of socializing in this pandemic. Often we can practice any high-priced service or product at home just by learning a few simple steps. Apart from money saving, it also creates knowledge about the core details of any physical activity.

Learning something new is always fun:

Completing a DIY task or watching a fitness video on it is always fun. It is a satisfying experience too. When the mind is happy, then learning is fun. One can learn new facts, ways and learn new things about keeping the body. They can also wish to them or practice them as per their need.

DIY videos make communication-based on fitness in social media much easier:

In a social media platform where other people too are interested in DIY videos on fitness, you can learn new things, understand what others are doing, interact in a better way and also come across several new ideas. Physical fitness no more is a tiresome activity but a fun thing to be practised and discussed with others. Like-minded individuals through online forums show their dedication which becomes an inspiration for others.

Charging of new skill:

Even old exercises seem bored at times. Then the fear of pandemic doesn’t let you go around anywhere. So when someone watches a new DIY video, they learn the new way of practicing their old physical activity. They can charge their spirit by competing with their kith and kin or through developing a new fitness skill.

While coronavirus has restricted some areas and heading to a gym or workout studio is difficult so these special DIY video hacks have become better options to move technology-based learning with fitness to a new level. Switching to a scheduled routine of physical activity is often difficult and brings issues with time management. DIY videos can be watched and practiced anytime. World-class trainers and fitness specialists show the way and technique of both physical, mental and several other recreational activities to keep the mind sound and healthy.

Staying in shape and getting relaxed from mental anxiety are two very points to be remembered, especially in Covid-19 situation. Some free home workout videos and solutions are

  • An at-home workout routine on fitness can be done fastest through an instructor-led workout video. There are different Life or pre-recorded the videos for around 25-45 minutes that require little to no fitness equipment
  • A polished workout app, Peleton with a free trial for a month doesn’t require the need of Peloton’s bike or treadmill – but aids through high-quality easy videos, including strength, yoga, and meditation, cardio and boot camp classes.
  • Nike Training Club, another app of videos with very little equipment. This free app has a wide variety of home workouts to select, including programs to carry on an ongoing workout schedule.
  • The class of Body Pump, managed by Les Mills, hosts a dozen different types of classes, including boxing, yoga and dancing. All these classes are available on-demand having a 30-day free trial with some equipment-free classes.
  • Being an Amazon Prime member gives free access to a varied library of fitness videos, such as Zumba and cardio programs from GymRa.

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