50 most popular women in the world 2020-2021 list:

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In today’s world, we know that women are no less than men. In the fields from entertainment to politics, they have excelled everywhere. Over years, they have gained fame and popularity and made themselves unique by putting a lot of effort into hard work and dedication. Here we will see some of them who have to stand out much popular with time:

Oprah Winfrey

A multi-talented lady, Oprah has formed her talk show called The Oprah Winfrey Show from 1968-2011.

Lana Del Ray

She is a popular songwriter and singer who received a lot of appreciation in American pop culture.

Britney Spears

She is the most popular star of the 1990s. Her most popular song Baby One More Time has sold 26 million worldwide copies.

Cherilyn Sarkisian

A popular face in the pop music world, her first hit was I Got You, Babe. She received Grammy, an Emmy Award, etc.


Everybody knows her as the Umbrella girl who has entertained the world with her pop music and won several Billboard and Grammy awards till now.

Taylor Swift

A famous and successful pop singer whose music albums are the best in the world and she received 4 Grammys.


One of the top 10 adored stars on the list who has amazed the world with her excellent voice and written songs.

Selena Gomez

She is an actress as well as a talented singer known to us for the Wizards of Waverly Place.


Shakira isn’t only popular for her music but also for her belly dancing who has every time given a crowd-pulling performance.

Lady Gaga

Apart from being a designer and DJ along with a singer, she also shows her versatility through amazing acting.

Katy Perry

She is one of the best American stars who is also an actress, composer and singer. She became popular overnight for her song I Kissed a Girl.


An R’n’B singer, as well as a talented dancer, did many hit songs like Single Ladies, Beautiful Liar, Crazy in Love, etc.

Jennifer Lopez

She has proven her multitalented both in singing and acting. Also, she is a great dance performer.


An English singer and songwriter, Adele is also known or her amazing voice. Her debut album released when she was just 19 and became a huge hit.

Angelina Jolie

The most beautiful and talented woman in the world who is an amazing actress and is also the ambassador of the US.

Demi Lovato

Demi has a god gifted voice that has made her one of the most talented singers with a huge fan base. So far she has released 6 albums.

Kim Kardashian

Kim is the most popular sister of the Kardashian family who became famous after being a reality show star and the show was called Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Nicky Minaj

She is a talented woman who has mastered the art of rapping very well. Some of her hit rap songs are Playtime Is Over, Beam Me Up Scotty, etc.

Paris Hilton

Paris is a top model as well as an actress who started to gain fame after taking part in the reality show named The Simple Life around the 2000s.

Miley Cyrus

She is known to the world as Hannah Montana and from there she started rising and became a brilliant singer soon.

Megan Fox

She is admired unisexually for her beautiful and stunning blue eyes. Apart from this, she is an American model and actress who did some of the world-famous movies like The Jennifer’s Body, The Transformers and so on.

Avril Lavigne

A versatile singer who has made a list of hit songs and made her singing career successful. Some of her famous songs are My Happy Ending, Nobody’s Home, etc.

Kylie Jenner

One of the youngest millionaires in the world, Kylie is the younger sister of Kim Kardashian and has launched her brand Kylie Cosmetics that has made her famous.

Christina Aguilera

She is a brilliant and successful singer who has received 6 Grammy awards and is also an ambassador of the US.

Mariah Carey

One of the best singers the world has ever known, her voice has impressed many souls. Every song of hers is a hit.

Gigi Hadid

She is famous for being a Victoria Secret’s model. She is also one of the top models in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart

She played the role of Bella in Twilight series and earned much fame. She is also the face of Coco Chanel.

Lindsay Lohan

An American actress as well as a model, she is even onto singing. Some of her top hit movies include My Luck, The Parent Trap, etc.

Alicia Keys

She is an American singer who has won around 15 Grammy awards. In the singing show The Voice US, she was a judge.

Scarlet Johansson

She has got amazing acting skills and performed best in many movies. She has been a part of Marvel movies in Avengers where she was the Black Widow.

Jessica Alba

An American model cum actress, she gained much popularity after her role in the series Dark Angel. Other movies are awake, Fantastic Four, etc.

Jennifer Lawrence

She isn’t only beautiful but also an amazing actress. She did many movies like X-men, Mother and so on and much reputation.

Jessica Simpson

She is another American actress cum singer who became famous around 1999 after her debut film Sweet Kisses was released.

Kate Middleton

She is one of the members of the royal family in Britain and the wife of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.


Stacy Ann Ferguson known to the world as Fergie is a famous singer who is a part of the famous band The Black Eyed Peas.


She is an American songwriter, pop singer and rapper who made her debut album in around 2010.

Halle Berry

She is one of the top best Hollywood actress and an Oscar winner for her performance.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is famous for her role as Rachel in the show Friends that has earned her international fame and reputation.

Hillary Duff

A popular singer and actress, she first appeared in the Disney series with the name Lizzy McGuire. She has also been a part of Gossip Girl, Cinderella Story, etc.

Michelle Obama

Wife of 44th president of the US, Barack Obama, she is a great lawyer who worked on poverty awareness, education and physical activity.

Jessie J

She is a pop singer and some of her famous songs include Laser Light, Price tag, Who You Are, etc.

Priyanka Chopra

Wife of Hollywood singer Nick Jonas, she is a very famous Bollywood actress who also appeared in Hollywood series of Quantico.

Kylie Minogue

She is an Australian singer as well as an actress. She reached the peak of her singing career in 2000.

Kate Winslet

She is the Titanic women who became very famous after the movie. She made many amazing movies.

Hydie Kum

Being a hostess as well as a popular actress, she is also the host of the popular show Americas Got Talent.

Emma Watson

One of the top Hollywood supermodels known to the world as the female protagonist of the Harry Potter series with the name Hermione Granger.

Kate Moss

One of the top supermodels who is loved by her fans for her perfect figure.

Hilary Clinton

Quiet a popular politician in the US and she also happens to be the member of the Democratic Party, the first lady of Arkansas.

Vanessa Hudgens

A singer as well as an actress who became popular through her role in High School Musical along with Zac Efron.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie is a renowned pop singer and so much talented that her every song become a hit and generates a huge fan base.

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